August 1996

  • Intertainer founded in Santa Monica, CA.

November 1997

  • Initial successful trial over Pacific Bell's FasTrak ADSL systems in Northern California.

February 1998

  • Intertainer service publicly announced.
  • Intel Corporation invests; Comcast Corporation invests and completes technical trial in Buena Park, CA.
April 1998
  • US West and Sony Corporation of America invest; Intel and Comcast provide second round of investment.
July 1998
  • NBC invests and agrees to provide programming.
December 1998
  • Scientific-Atlanta's next-generation set top box first to support Intertainer service. Intertainer becomes a charter member of Cisco's Built for Broadband program.
  • Intertainer selects MediaHawk Video Server to deploy its interactive entertainment-on-demand applications.

January 1999

  • Intertainer announces comprehensive content deals with Columbia TriStar Television Group, Warner Bros. and CINAR Corporation.
February 1999
  • OrderTrust and Open Market integrate order processing services with Transact™ Enterprise Application for the Intertainer service.
April 1999
  • Intertainer partners with Sextant In-Flight Systems to deliver on-demand entertainment to air travelers.
May 1999
  • Intertainer partners with bigE.com to offer movie and television merchandise.
June 1999
  • Disney Channel agrees to provide original programming. 20th Century Fox agrees to provide new movies and library titles. Sony Music agrees to license music videos and long form concerts to Intertainer. PBS agrees to deliver innovative, enhanced TV content. ESPN joins the programming lineup on Intertainer's broadband network. Intertainer extends entertainment on demand distribution in Manhattan trials with RCN. Intertainer and SeaChange International, Inc., join forces for entertainment on demand delivery to set-tops.
  • Intertainer to develop entertainment on demand application and services for Microsoft TV platform adaptation kit.
August 1999
  • Styleclick.com and Intertainer strike agreement for 3D broadband content distribution. Styleclick.com will provide Intertainer with content consisting of leading brand name merchandise imaged in a 3D rich format.
September 1999
  • Intertainer joins Microsoft® Windows Media™ Broadband Jumpstart Initiative, designed to accelerate consumer adoption of broadband technology.
November 1999
  • Intertainer launches its first branding campaign with the theme "Control Yourself," urging consumers to take control of their entertainment choices.
December 1999
  • Broadwing unveils Intertainer's entertainment on demand service for DSL Zoomtown customers, marking Intertainer's first DSL deployment to PCs. Intertainer agrees to enter into a set-top box trial with Comcast. The trial marks Intertainer's first entrée into cable television via the digital set-top.
  • Intertainer and Big Band Media develop interactive prototype for the American Film Institute-Intel Enhanced TV Workshop. Team embeds interactive content in "From a Whisper to a Scream" documentary showcasing Ireland's history of rock n' roll.

January 2000

  • Intertainer and Microsoft form strategic alliance to accelerate deployment of on-demand entertainment service. Companies to deliver A-List content to consumers' PCs and televisions on demand.
  • Intertainer and Artisan Entertainment enter into digital production and distribution pact.
May 2000
  • Intertainer and Concurrent Computer Corporation form strategic alliance for the integration of Intertainer's Broadband Entertainment On Demand network with Concurrent's multiplatform Video-On-Demand (VOD) System.
June 2000
  • Intertainer and AFI form alliance to distribute library of independent short films for on-demand distribution and to launch new Web site.
August 2000
  • Intertainer and Akamai form strategic alliance to deliver long-form, streaming programming to consumers' homes and to collaborate to further enhance and innovate the delivery of large streaming media files.
November 2000
  • Intertainer teams with Cisco Systems to develop the cable industry's first open, interoperable video-on-demand (VOD) over Internet protocol (IP) digital set-top box solution.

January 2001

  • Intertainer secures long-term content deals with Warner Bros. Pictures, A&E Networks and EMI Recorded Music.
February 2001
  • Intertainer secures multi-year content deal with Warner Music Group and Universal Pictures.
March 2001
  • Intertainer makes its first full-market deployment in Cincinnati on Broadwing's ZoomTown DSL platform, making the service available to 40,000 customers.
April 2001
  • Intertainer and Liberate form strategic alliance to integrate technologies and co-market services
June 2001
  • Industry leader Stephen Ste. Marie joins Intertainer as president & COO.
July 2001
  • WINfirst, an innovative fiber-to-the-home provider, and Intertainer announce a five-year agreement to offer video on demand as part of WINfirst's suite of voice, video and data services to customers in major markets across the western US.
September 2001
  • Adelphia Communications, one of the nation's largest cable operators, selects Intertainer for VOD deployments across the country, including Cleveland, suburban Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles.
  • DIRECTV, the nation's leading digital satellite television service provider, partners with Intertainer, the entertainment on demand broadband network, to add VOD to the DIRECTV comprehensive suite of advanced services available to consumers across the country.
October 2001
  • Intertainer launches its leading video on demand service to broadband subscribers in the nation's top 35 markets, making it the first broadly distributed VOD service featuring top-tier content in the country.
  • Microsoft partners with Intertainer to feature the service on Web pages on the MSN® network of Internet services, the most popular portal destination on the World Wide Web.

January 2002

  • Intertainer form strategic alliance with Thomson Multimedia for the development and distribution of broadband entertainment services.
  • Intertainer receives $15 million in funding from Thomson and Microsoft.
February 2002
  • Intertainer becomes the only online video on demand service to strike a comprehensive agreement with renowned movie studio MGM.
March 2002
  • Intertainer launches Demand E.S.P™, the first comprehensive on-demand entertainment services platform for cable operators, broadband providers and content owners, securing Canada’s Aliant Telecom as its first customer.
April 2002
  • Offering a viable alternative to the traditional film distribution model, Intertainer launches Film Marketplace™, a channel for independent filmmakers to directly reach entertainment enthusiasts and earn revenue.
May 2002
  • Through an agreement with PanAmSat, Intertainer begins satellite distribution of VOD content to its cable affiliate partners, substantially improving efficiencies by eliminating the need for manual input at the cable headend.
September 2002
  • Intertainer, filed an anti-trust suit against three major entertainment companies, AOL Time Warner, Vivendi Universal and Sony and their wholly owned service, Movielink in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division, accusing them of conspiracy to fix prices in the digital distribution of entertainment and restraint of trade.

March 2006

  • The defendents Sony, Time Warner, NBC Universal and Movielink reach an out of court settlement with Intertainer. The lawsuit "was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties."
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